The Mind Body Baby Method
Creating Calm in the Mind and Body

Fertile Ground

Do you have a big dream on your heart that you are ready to birth into the world?

Whatever is calling you, you need to create space for your desires however big or small they are. Whether it's remembering who you are, finding your natural rhythms, your cycle, reconnecting to your body and your feminine energy or preparing to welcome a baby. There is a process you are invited to move through first. 


An invitation to prepare the soil for the dreams that are seeded within you to grow.


This is your invitation to join me and a sisterhood of women who desire to reconnect and remember your body is incredible. She might be fiercely and frustratingly communicating something with you right now, through painful/heavy, irregular or absent periods, infertility, fibroids, endometriosis or PCOS. This is your body asking for your support, she knows what you desire, she desires it too. 


But first she is asking for your help and support, to work with her not against her. 

Allow me to guide you to be in your feminine energy, to connect to your fertile energy from which everything is created. Allowing your nervous system to come back into calm, ease and flow, creating fertile ground for your desires to grow.

During these sessions I will reconnect you to your body, through group coaching, fertile activation codes, frequency realignment and healing womb story circles.

Each month we focus on a different theme, with meditations, guided journaling sessions, embodiment practices and a fortnightly live teaching session. 

This is a monthly membership that you can cancel at any point.

Investment £66 pcm.

This is your invitation to learn, listen and to love your body and to lean into what it truly means to be fertile ground.

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