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Reconnect - Replays

I am excited to share this powerful introduction to the MBB Method, what I will share over the 5 days has the potential to transform the journey to your baby. 

What you'll get:

  • Access to my Client Space
  • 5 Powerful Coaching Session
  • Fertility Activations & Guided Journaling Practices.


What People Are Saying:

Using all the Amy tools and they really have helped a lot. The affirmations, the catching those negative thoughts and turning them around has made a huge difference. I’m enjoying some of my old faves again and trusting that my body is enough as it is without stripping those things away and depriving myself. Just trying to remind myself daily about being whole, complete and enough ♥️


The MBB Method helped me more than I ever knew I needed. I originally signed up after following Amy for over a year, I wish I had done it sooner. We were told there was little hope for us due to my low AMH and male factor and were advised to start IVF asap. This is when I reached out to Amy to help us through IVF. The Mind Body Baby Method helped me peel back the layers and let go of stories I had been telling myself for years. It helped me identify the blocks and wow, the changes in my mood and outlook on life completely changed! The MBB method empowers you to put yourself first, to ask questions so you feel in control, to believe what could be possible. We can’t believe that in the end we didn’t need IVF. With Amy’s support using the MBB method we conceived naturally. I can’t thank her enough for helping us on our journey to parenthood.