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Welcome to the MBB Method and your private support with Amy. 

What you'll get:

  • Private Support with Amy in your 1:1 session and in Telegram
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This is the begin of the next chapter, where everything and anything is possible.

What People Are Saying:

A year has passed and how much things have changed. Im laying on the same beach I was on this time last year. Except last year i was broken- both physically and mentally. We were undergoing fertility treatments after having had a missed miscarriage 1.5 years earlier, which impacted our fertility. We thought we could fix it with IVF but that too failed in the final step. I had come across Amy earlier that summer but it wasn't until I was totally broken that I allowed myself to work with her and be supported by her and the group of incredible women who were in the same boat. I joined her group program and from there everything began to change. Sure we continued medical investigations to get to the root cause of our fertility issues. In parallel I worked with Amy on my mindset and my connection between the mind and the body. We had many sessions where I just cried, Amy helped me to piece myself together again. I had reached rock bottom and I know that working with Amy was a big contributor to me not giving up hope, when I was so so close to doing so. Amy’s support was truly magical and it has shifted me. I was also fortunate to forge strong connections with the women in my group, with whom I am in still in touch today. The medical investigations did uncover suspected Asherman’s syndrome so we did a procedure called hysteroscopy to resolve it. Somehow the doctor didnt actually find anything during the hysteroscopy. To this day I dont know what it was but i am confident it has to do with the work I had been doing on the mind body connection and the stories i was telling myself. Soon after this procedure and completing the group program we got pregnant naturally. I am now 5 & half months pregnant and am continuing to be supported by Amy in her Mama & Me program which has been so timely as I had a lot of anxiety particularly early on in my pregnancy after everything we had been through. Amy was, and is, there to support me through this stage of my journey as well. I am so grateful to have found her ✨. If someone was to ask me for advice, I would say: you are having a challenging fertility journey or pregnancy, dont wait until you are broken to get help and support.