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For the Mama in waiting

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Hi, I’m Amy - and I’m the founder of the Mind Body Baby Method and a Fertility specialist. But really, I’m your Fertility Big Sister.

I believe that fertility goes far beyond clinical jargon and notes on a medical record. It is an emotional journey, that can be overwhelming and stressful and can cause heartache and grief. When you’re in the midst of that storm, your mind and body craves care and attention.

Which is exactly what I want to provide. I see the pain you feel and the stress weighing down on your body. I understand the heartache and the rollercoaster that comes with trying to conceive.

The Mind Body Baby Method is about not only giving your courageous body the best possible chance of conceiving, but also creating a space where you talk, relax and express yourself.

A space to simply be trust and allow.

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“I started working with Amy after trying for 2.5 years for a sibling for our daughter and having three failed IVF transfers. Even from our first call, I knew I’d found someone that would just listen, I cried a lot - mostly feeling like I’d failed and that I couldn’t do anything right. Amy suggested I join her group programme and also had a few one to one sessions. To say it’s been life changing is an understatement, Amy has a way of listening and reframing that is simple but intense. We identified 3 major issues and worked on them individually, and did some hypnotherapy too. In addition Amy supported us to have some additional testing which showed an issue with my microbiome. Since working with Amy I successfully fell pregnant naturally, sadly I had a miscarriage which Amy supported me through. Again through listening, hearing all the ugly and sad thoughts that had been swirling. Amazingly I then fell pregnant again 2 months later and am now 13 weeks. I don’t know how Amy unlocks the magic but she did, and I never thought it possible. Thank you Amy, you know what this means to us.”

Your body is extraordinary. It is resilient; powerful; intuitive. And yet, for unknown reasons, it isn’t giving you the one thing you want more than anything.


I want to tell you… it isn’t your fault. Your body wants a baby. It’s fighting for it, desperately.

But is your mind getting in its own way?

The Mind Body Baby Method is here to support you with a natural and holistic approach to fertility and hormone health. A safe space for you to be you and trust in your body. Allowing your journey into parenthood to unfold.

Together, we will reconnect your mind and body and prepare you to welcome your beautiful baby.

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MBB Method Group

A 3 month online group programme for women who feel like they've lost themselves in the process of trying to have a baby. This programme will support you to heal as you prepare your mind, body and heart to be ready to conceive the baby that is waiting for you. 


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MBB Method


A 6 month transformation private experience, including a luxury retreat in person in Portugal to help you embody the mama frequency. Preparing your mind and body to welcome the baby that is waiting for you. 


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Your body wants that little bundle just as much as your mind does.
Now is the time to reconnect the dots.