The Mind Body Baby Method

Starting a family should be a joyful, incredible experience. Far too often, that isn’t quite the reality.

For the Mama in waiting

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Fertility journeys can be one of the hardest experiences to go through. And while your loved ones may try to show you care and compassion, the truth is that the road to conception can be a very lonely place.

I know it can be easy to lose yourself along the way. I am here to support you to reclaim your power, to step into motherhood and receive and conceive the baby that is waiting for you.

You are not alone, I've got you!

My promise to you:

  • A safe space
  • 100% Non judgemental advice
  • Qualified bespoke support
  • Renewed hope and belief in what is possible

Find the right MBB Pathway for you...

MBB Consultation

This 90 minute online consultation follows my unique approach to prepare you for pregnancy.

It is designed to support you to understand your hormones, your cycle or how best to prepare for IVF.  Building confidence in your body and its ability to conceive.

Giving  you clarity in the right next steps for you regardless of where you are in your journey. Preparing you to conceive naturally or through assisted conception.

Support to feel calm, hopeful and positive about the future.

Because your body is wonderful. And it has the strength and potential to achieve extraordinary things.

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“Amy offered me a safe space where I could finally talk and express how I was really feeling about my fertility struggles. Her support made me feel less alone and overwhelmed with it all. Amy helped mer feel more optimistic and hopefully and I believe had a hand in making pregnancy become a reality for me.”

MBB Experience

The Mind Body Baby Experience is a 3 month online programme for women who feel like they have lost themselves in the process of trying to conceive. This programme supports you to reclaim your power so you can receive and conceive.

This programme supports you heart, body and mind, releasing any energetic or unconscious blocks to conception.

I will guide you to reconnect fully with yourself, to calm your mind and body and rebuilding trust and belief in what is possible for you. Creating space, openness and reclaiming your joy as you prepare to conceive.

We are not meant to walk this path alone, you are invited to come into the fold, to be held, seen and supported so you can embody motherhood now.

The MBB Experience includes:

  • Group Fertile Embodiment Coaching Sessions.
  • Sister Circles.
  • Immersion in The Mama Frequency
  • Be part of a private community on Telegram
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MBB Method Immersion

This 6 month transformational experience, including a luxury retreat in person in Portugal to help you embody the Mama Frequency as you prepare to welcome the baby that is waiting for you. 

I want you to know you are not broken, your body is not broken, the dream you have of welcoming a baby is on your heart because your beautiful baby is waiting for you.

I have supported hundreds of women just like you bring home their after years of struggle and heartache.

My ‘MBB method 1:1 Support’ programme includes:

  • An initial consultation to create the best avenue of support for you
  • A 3 Day Luxury Retreat in Portugal.
  • 6 months of ongoing, tailored support.
  • Powerful Fertility Activation Codes to open and realign your body and mind to conceive
  • Fortnightly sessions one to one sessions 
  • Access to my MBB group programme
  • Telegram support


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You CAN feel in control. You CAN own the life you’ve always dreamt of.

If you would like to find out more about the Mind Body Belief way of working, please do get in touch for a chat. No pressure, no obligations. This is - and will always be - your space.

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