The Mind Body Baby Method

Client Stories


The Mind Body Belief Method was created by Amy Simpson to support women welcome their long awaited babies. The MBB Method invites women in to the frequency of motherhood now as they prepare their mind, body and womb to be open and ready to receive and conceive the baby that is waiting for them. The MBB Method takes women on a journey of remembering, supporting them to  release any resistance that is keeping their baby just out of reach.  
To date we have welcomed nearly 200 babies into the MBB Family.
There is a new paradigm of Motherhood that is activating through the Mama Frequencies within the MBB Method. Reconnecting women to their Fertile Energy and allowing the beautiful babies that have been waiting to come in with ease.  85% of women using the MBB Method have  fulfilling their dream of motherhood and brought their baby home.
Here are some stories from the MBB Family 

From Fragile and Empty to Blessings and Bump Kicks

Helen - 40 years old


I started working with Amy 2 days before my 40th birthday. I’d been through 3 IVF collection cycles, 1 aborted transfer and 1 failed transfer in the preceding 15 months. We’d just, finally, had some better news - we’d succeeded in getting a euploid (i.e. genetically viable) embryo.
It was amazing to have come from ‘last chance saloon’ to be in a position of real promise. And yet I was mentally and emotionally exhausted from living between hope and heartbreak, medicalised processes, health optimisation/egg quality research, experiencing life in seemingly endless 3 week cycles of waiting, fear of Covid ruining a cycle, grieving every delay and setback… all while pretending to be fine to most of the world, picking myself up, pulling myself together after each crushing disappointment to assure my husband - as we supported each other - I’d (eventually) be ok.
And on top of that feeling trapped (by the fertility treatment) in a job I wasn’t happy in, having to educate HR about the process and trying to get my employer to understand that the impact of IVF goes far beyond simply attending a few dozen appointments (both physically and mentally).
As an experienced yoga teacher, I had a good number of tools for self-management and was no stranger to mindset work. I’d made a conscious effort to try to maintain interests and embrace projects that give me joy. The clinic’s counsellor had assured me I was coping better than many patients do in equivalent circumstances. But after holding space for myself for 18 months of treatment (and 18 months of waiting before that), I felt fragile and empty.
From the first discovery call, Amy was easy to talk to: warm, patient and non-judgmental. She listened compassionately as I explained - or rather cried my way through - the history of endless disappointments and my struggles with work, and my fears that if our one embryo didn’t take I might break. Her presence was supportive, reassuring, and with a steely clarity that I deserved better than what I’d been enduring at work. I was able to be vulnerable and not feel weak.
My husband and I had decided to do an extra collection cycle of IVF before trying a transfer, in the hope of getting another ‘good’ embryo. I worked with Amy 121 during that cycle via online sessions and Voxer support in between. She guided me to release some frustrations, rewrite narratives, and feel empowered to prioritise and protect myself. She was a gentle constant reminder that I was not insane and that I deserved to care for myself and to prioritise the treatment (over work).
Mentally it was by far the most easeful cycle we’d done. Amy has a way of making you feel safe to trust in possibility without minimising the realities of the fears and physical side effects of the process. When I developed delayed-onset OHSS - resulting in 3 additional weeks off work - Amy encouraged me to rest and take the mental break I needed from the enforced time off. As we waited for the gene test results - Amy was there, inviting me to believe in what’s possible. We’d hoped for one or two (or four) viable embryos and ended up with a spectacular three!
I joined the MBB group programme just as we were preparing for embryo transfer. This circle was a blessing. To be able to voice the struggles, anxiety and anger and not to feel alone, but without needing to share any specific details of our process. And to learn to relax and have space to reflect in journaling sessions.
I finally met Amy in person just before our transfer and I had an incredible reflexology session. On the pregnancy test day, and Amy was celebrating with me! She continued to hold space for all my T1 fears, and when they didn’t evaporate as I’d hoped in T2. I’m now 34 weeks, and spent NYE with the little one kicking in response to the fireworks. While I still have fears around these last weeks and birth, I feel much more confident and relaxed than I would have imagined a year ago. I am glad to continue to work with Amy as I wait to welcome the little one earth-side, and beyond in the MBB practitioner training.


To say it's been life changing is an understatement.

 Yvonne - 38 years 
I started working with Amy after trying for 2.5 years for a sibling for our daughter and having three failed IVF transfers.
Even from our first call, I knew I’d found someone that would just listen, I cried a lot - mostly feeling like I’d failed and that I couldn’t do anything right. Amy suggested I join her group programme and also had a few one to one sessions.
To say it’s been life changing is an understatement, Amy has a way of listening and reframing that is simple but intense. We identified 3 major issues and worked on them individually, and did some hypnotherapy too. In addition Amy supported us to have some additional testing which showed an issue with my microbiome.
Since working with Amy I successfully fell pregnant naturally, sadly I had a miscarriage which Amy supported me through. Again through listening, hearing all the ugly and sad thoughts that had been swirling. Amazingly I then fell pregnant again 2 months later and am now 13 weeks. I don’t know how Amy unlocks the magic but she did, and I never thought it possible. Thank you Amy, you know what this means to us.
The MBB Experience

"A year has passed and how much things have changed"


Im laying on the same beach I was on this time last year. Except last year i was broken- both physically and mentally. We were undergoing fertility treatments after having had a missed miscarriage 1.5 years earlier, which impacted our fertility. We thought we could fix it with IVF but that too failed in the final step.
I had come across Amy earlier that summer but it wasn't until I was totally broken that I allowed myself to work with her and be supported by her and the group of incredible women who were in the same boat. I joined her group program and from there everything began to change. Sure we continued medical investigations to get to the root cause of our fertility issues.
In parallel I worked with Amy on my mindset and my connection between the mind and the body.  We had many sessions where I just cried, Amy helped me to piece myself together again.  I had reached rock bottom and I know that working with Amy was a big contributor to me not giving up hope, when I was so so close to doing so.
Amy’s support was truly magical and it has shifted me. I was also fortunate to forge strong connections with the women in my group, with whom I am in still in touch today. 
The medical investigations did uncover suspected Asherman’s syndrome so we did a procedure called hysteroscopy to resolve it. Somehow the doctor didnt actually find anything during the hysteroscopy. To this day I dont know what it was but i am confident it has to do with the work I had been doing on the mind body connection and the stories i was telling myself. Soon after this procedure and completing the group program we got pregnant naturally. I am now 5 & half months pregnant and am continuing to be supported by Amy in her Mama & Me program which has been so timely as I had a lot of anxiety particularly early on in my pregnancy after everything we had been through.
Amy was, and is, there to support me through this stage of my journey as well. I am so grateful to have found her ✨.
If someone was to ask me for advice, I would say: you are having a challenging fertility journey or pregnancy, don't wait until you are broken to get help and support.


Alison - 39 years old


After TTC for 11 years, 12 cycles of IVF, 3 with donor embryos.

Alison came to work with me in the MBB Method to support to prepare for her 13th and final cycle of treatment with a donor embryo. She had never had a positive pregnancy result from treatment, she wanted to go into this final cycle feeling hopeful, trusting her body and feeling calm. 

It was clear from our initial consultation that there was a lot of grief, sadness and fear she was holding from previous cycles of treatment. She was also holding a lot of blame and shame about her body and her BMI which she had been told was a contributing factor to her infertility. 

Using the Mind Body Baby (MBB) Method we worked on releasing the fear, blame and shame she was holding in her body. We created a fertile mindset and a belief and trust in herself and her body. 

We looked at how she could nourish and nurture her body to be a safe space to welcome a baby. 

Managing the rollercoaster of emotions that cycles of treatment brought, we worked on emotional wellbeing and allowed her to feel calm and confident about herself as a mother and how she would approach this cycle of treatment. 

We worked together for 3 months prior to her cycle of treatment and I supported her during her final cycle. She conceived and has gone on to welcome a daughter. 


"Everyone needs an Amy in their life.


Before I started working with Amy we had been through 12 rounds of fertility treatment and no success. The last round before working with Amy I had built up my hopes and then I felt let down because it had not worked and beat myself up as I had allowed myself to do that. I was broken and needed to get help from someone to allow myself to get through another cycle. 


Working with Amy I learnt that my past was blocking me from moving forward. Using various techniques I was able to close the door on my past and move forward. 


Going into our 13th cycle I was so apprehensive about it but with Amy’s support I was able to get through it and it was a successful day we never thought we would see. I learnt that never give up hope and belief that it can happen. We never gave up and have the result that we have always been looking for. There is still a long way to go but we got our positive result that we have been waiting for. I can’t thank Amy enough for all the help and support that she has given me throughout this. If you're wondering should I do this then yes you should it will be the best decision that you will have made."


"I am now a more confident version of myself and know and trust my body more than ever!"

Laura - 36
I stated working with Amy after having a miscarriage and worked with her for the best part of a year on a 1:1 basis and it was the best thing I have ever done.  I hadn't realised how much of myself I had lost over time and that I wasn't prioritising me as much as I should. I thought I knew me but I was proven wrong and I am now a more confident version of myself and know and trust my body more than ever. 
Amy is so encouraging and with her guidance I have found new loves in my life - reiki, meditation and cold water therapy which are now instrumental in keeping me grounded and bringing myself back to me. 
During this time I also signed up to the MBB Group program where Amy created a safe and inviting space where I could open up and share experiences with others. This has been invaluable having the support of Amy and the other women in knowing it's ok to talk about anything. 
I have gained some wonderful friendships through the group which are very special to me and they continue to be my biggest support and for that I am grateful. 
Now being pregnant Amy still manages to help me to realise things and emotions I wasn't aware that I was feeling and be honest with myself.  I continue to grow and be a better version of myself. This wouldn't have been possible without Amy's guidance, encouragement and a bit of Amy magic.
Amy Simpson Holding Newborn Baby Fertility Support

Without Amy's guidance I feel my pregnancy experience would have been robbed by always thinking the worst

I reached out to Amy after my first miscarriage when I was at my lowest point. I tried counselling before that but it didn't make me feel any better. From my first video call with Amy I knew instantly that she was exactly what I needed. 
I worked with Amy for just over a year 1:1, in this time she allowed me to see what was blocking me and she helped me build boundaries so I was putting myself first which I had never done before. We also done a couple of sessions which involved my husband and he really enjoyed this. Often the men get forgotten about but Amy made sure he was heard and his feelings were valid. 


I went onto do the MBB group programme which allowed me to connect with other women going through similar experiences which I never thought would be for me but I absolutely loved the time in that group and we all still keep in touch and meet up when we can. 
I sadly went onto having 4 more losses and with each one Amy guided me through and I never felt lonely like I did after the first loss. 
Amy not only helped me mentally but she helped me with what to ask my GP for including what tests to get ect which I would have never have known about. 
I am now over 5 months pregnant and enjoying every minute of it. Without Amy's guidance I feel my pregnancy experience would have been robbed by always thinking the worst but she trained me to get into a more positive mindset which I can't thank her enough for.

Eve - 40 years old


After TTC for 7 years and being told her BMI out with threshold for NHS treatment. She experienced very painful, heavy periods which she had investigated for Endometriosis which was ruled out.
7 years TTC, painful cycles and not being able to access IVF was incredibly mentally and emotionally challenging.

Initially our focus was on emotional support. It became clear she was suppressing years of anger and frustration with her painful periods and not being able to fulfil her desire to become a mother. Her strong belief was also that her chance was gone as she was now 40.

Using the MBB Method we created a space for the suppressed emotions to be acknowledged and released. We also worked on creating a new story about what motherhood could look like at 40.

The first changes we noticed were to the heaviness and the pain associated with her period, over a period of 3 months the pain completely subsided. She embraced being 40 and was open to all that was possible.

She conceived naturally 4 months after we began working together and welcomed her daughter.


"Working with Amy around fertility has helped me to realise I'm not to blame. That I didn't deserve this or that it was something that I was doing wrong. She helped me to look at what was blocking me from being truly connected to myself and my body. Once I did the work and got to that place I found a sense of peace knowing that my baby was waiting for me. That this was part of my journey to meet them. That my gift from my future baby was to untangle all those pieces of me to help connect to who I truly am.
I know the first step can be hard but Amy makes it so easy as she holds your hand on your path."


Claire - 37 years old


After TTC for 3 years, 4 recurrent miscarriages. Claire contacted me after her 4th loss as she felt lost and scared that it would never be possible for her to hold a pregnancy to full term. Her anxiety and stress were extremely high and she needed support to know what was the right next step for her.

She had been referred to Assisted conception but as she had conceived naturally hadn’t had any support. She was referred to the recurrent miscarriage service and was considering going to Coventry for further testing.

Initially the focus of our sessions was on managing stress and anxiety and rebuilding a connection and trust in her body. Claire had coped with her grief by making life incredibly busy, so we worked hard on reestablishing rest and relaxation into her life. Creating space for fun, joy and rest.

She conceived naturally 5 months after we began working together and we continued to work together throughout her pregnancy to support her to trust her body and to allow herself to feel calm and enjoy her pregnancy.

She welcomed a healthy little boy in October 2022.


"If you are thinking of working with Amy, my only advice would be - do it, you will not regret it.
Amy is a great listener, has a wealth of knowledge to share and knows what you need even when you don’t know yourself what you need! You can tell Amy anything and it won’t be judged - no topic is taboo and every topic is met with the sensitivity it deserves. She has such a calming nature, is so easy to talk to and has worked with me from my lowest point to helping me feel alive again, to believe in myself and my body and to guide me when I felt lost and scared. Guided relaxations were not something I thought I’d ever see myself doing, but now find myself listening to them regularly, helping me find a sense of inner calm and often let’s me drift over into a lovely relaxing sleep. 
She’s the best investment I’ve ever made for myself and I’ve loved every minute of working with Amy."