The Mind Body Baby Method

“If the mind can conceive it, the heart believe, the body can achieve it”

For the Mama in waiting

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I’m here to guide you towards a fertile, open and strong mind and body; a safe space for your body to flourish and prepare for pregnancy.

Hi - I’m Amy, founder of The Mind Body Belief Method but really I'm the Fertility Big Sister you didn't know you needed.

I created the Mind Body Baby Method to help support women just like you to transform their journey to Motherhood. As a mum of 2 it has always been important to me to support other women to fulfil their desire to welcome a baby. It was only when my sister struggled to conceive, that this desire to support women welcome their babies became my main focus. And my Fertility Big Sister energy was fully activated. 

To witness how disempowered my sister was made to feel about her body, her fertility and her dream of motherhood, lit a fire within me to transform how women were being supported through infertility. 

I was not going to allow others to create fear and distrust in someone I loved or any other women. And the Mind Body Baby Method was born. 


Why I Created  Mind Body Belief Method


Infertility has led to far too many women feeling detached from who they really are. They no longer see themselves as sitting in the driver’s seat of their body and mind, especially when facing the rollercoaster of conception. The life they imagined seems further and further out of reach. Leaving them feeling lost, alone and overwhelmed in the process.

I want to show them that there is another way; that everything they need to create the life they deserve is within them.

Having a deep understanding of the mind-body connection, energetics and frequency for 25 years as an Occupational Therapist, Reflexologist, Energy Practitioner and Hypnotherapist. I know the Power the mind body connection and the how we harness our energetics to be in alignment for what we desire. Conception is a Frequency. Motherhood is a Frequency. 

To date we have welcomed over 200 babies into our MBB family, 2 of which I am their official auntie, for the others my unofficial auntie status is just as important to me. I desire to welcome 1000 babies into the MBB Family and have trained 13 Practitioners in this pioneering method to support me on this mission. I desire that all women return to the power and potency of their Fertile energy and welcome the baby that is waiting for them. 

So what’s different about the Mind Body Belief Method?


It’s built on the belief and knowing that you, the true you, already have everything you need within you. Your body has an innate wisdom and magic that when supported knows exactly what to do. You are not broken, you never have been. You are worthy and deserving of happiness and all that you desire.

85% of women who have used the MBB Method have already welcomed their babies, I want you to do the same.  I invite you to allow me to activate the mama frequency already within you and create space for your beautiful body to welcome your baby.

The 3 steps of the Mind Body Belief Method are;


Your thoughts create your reality, the first step is to release any resistance, removing any limiting beliefs, any fears or doubts, to allow you to meet your baby.



Your body is your baby’s first home. Prepare, Nourish and Nurture your body, to be ready and open to conceive, grow and birth your beautiful baby.



Connect energetically with your baby and you as a mother. Allowing you to step into motherhood and welcome the baby that is waiting for you.


Find out how to begin your journey using the Mind Body Belief Method.

"Working with Amy around fertility has helped me to realise I'm not to blame. That I didn't deserve this or that it was something that I was doing wrong. Using the Mind Body Belief method helped me to look at what was blocking me being truly connected to myself and my body. Once I did the work and got to that place I found a sense of peace knowing that my baby was waiting for me. That this was part of my journey to meet them. That my gift from my future baby was to untangle all those pieces of me to help connect to who I truly am. I know first step can be hard but Amy makes it so easy as she holds your hand on your path. Can’t believe it’s my turn still pinching myself."

I am an Activator, I activate the magic that is already within you, reawakening who you truly are. I believe its not you thats waiting, its your baby.

I have a personalised, nurturing and holistic approach for every single woman I work with. I understand that no two women are the same, and so I craft my support around an intuitive understanding of your mind and body.

I believe that when you understanded the power of your mind and body and their connection, when you know how to listen and respond to what your body is asking for magic happens.

I am here to show you that you are not alone.  And if you let me, I will join you - side by side - as you navigate the world of fertility and prepare for motherhood.

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“Amy has such a kind, supportive nature. She has really helped me tune into what my body was trying to tell me. To take time and be kind to myself. She really helped me on my recovering following loss and helped me prepare my mind and body for trying to conceive again.”
A peek into the rest of my world…

I live in the beautiful county of Ayrshire in south-west Scotland with my husband and my two teenage children.

When I'm not working from my therapy space or online, you’ll find me:

  • Rolling out my yoga mat
  • At the beach either walking, braving the scottish sea or on my paddleboard
  • Planning my next trip to sun, travel is huge love of mine, Portugal has my heart.
  • Reading or listening to Podcasts. I am a Mani Gen, 1/3 in Human Design so I love learning and I love sharing what I've learned. I also love a good thriller and am always open to any recommendations.

But honestly... I’m never happier than when I’m with my family. My ultimate dream is to call Portugal our second home, I love the sun and the spaciousness it creates in my mind and body.

The fact that I am able to combine these loves, hopes and aspirations with a business that enables me to make a real, life-changing difference to families around the world? There’s nothing better.

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