The Mind Body Baby Method

It's time to welcome the baby you've been waiting for and dreaming of.

I Accept Your Invitation

There is a new paradigm of Motherhood, that is activating through The Mama Frequencies. So all women know how they mother, how they have impact and birth their desires into the world is a choice. 

This is Motherhood By Design. 


The Mind Body Baby Method is for the woman who is ready to have a baby, already has a baby or knows at some point she will become a mother.


This is your invitation to come home to who you truly are, to deeply nourish your mind, body and soul, in preparation for becoming the mother you were born to be.  

It's so easy to experience separation from ourselves, our dreams and our belief in what is possible. To feel disconnected from your beautiful body and all she is capable of.

This disconnection creates physical, mental and emotional pain and tension, and invites fearful and unkind stories to run, questioning whether or not you are good enough or deserving of what you desire. 

It slowly begins to close off your heart, as you don’t allow yourself to want it too much, to keep your heart's desire at arms length in case it’s not possible. In protecting yourself, you are energetically closed to receiving. 

On your journey to motherhood have you lost parts of yourself, do you feel disconnected from the things that bring you joy, from what you truly desire?

Do you feel like there is something keeping all that you desire; a baby; feeling calm; feeling content;  that aliveness you once felt before trying to conceive; impact, just out of reach. 

If you have become scattered, splintered into pieces, suspended in time, waiting, wishing, holding on to hope, holding your breath, gripping on with all that you have... 

I want you to know is this doesn’t bring you closer, it actually keeps everything you want just out of reach. 

During this experience I will guide you to reconnect fully with yourself, to calm your mind and body, to rebuild your trust and belief in your body and what is possible. Creating space, openness and reclaiming joy as you prepare to welcome all that you desire.
This Is Exactly What I Need!

Will you allow yourself to be the priority?


Will you allow yourself to be open to all possibilities of motherhood, without knowing how or when? 


Will you allow yourself to surrender to the process? 


Will you allow yourself to feel it all? 


Can you connect to The Mama Frequency within you now, knowing you are already a mother. 


What I know to be true having already supported hundreds of women welcome their babies, is that you already have everything you need within you.

The greatest gift you give to your baby is yourself, the whole you, the calm, happy, nourished, nurtured you. 


If you are ready to stop trying, to let go of all the shoulds and instead soften and surrender into the mother you already are. I am ready to guide you. 


I have designed this experience to deeply support you to nourish and nurture your mind, body and heart, to release energetic and subconscious blocks, to invite you to be in The Mama Frequency, the frequency of possibility and abundance. You will be held, supported and seen in our group feminine embodiment sessions, sister circles and fertile activations. 


You are not alone. We are not meant to walk this path alone, you are invited to come into the fold. This is Motherhood By Design.

A Client Story...

The MBB Method helped me more than I ever knew I needed. I originally signed up after following Amy for over a year, I wish I had done it sooner. We were told there was little hope for us due to my low AMH and male factor and were advised to start IVF asap. This is when I reached out to Amy to help us through IVF.

The Mind Body Baby Method helped me peel back the layers and let go of stories I had been telling myself for years. It helped me identify the blocks and wow, the changes in my mood and outlook on life completely changed!

The MBB method empowers you to put yourself first, to ask questions so you feel in control, to believe what could be possible. It also helped me change my relationship with my body, no longer seeing her as broken, instead I saw her power and what she has always been capable of.

We can’t believe that in the end we didn’t need IVF. With Amy’s support using the MBB method we conceived naturally. I can’t thank her enough for helping us on our journey to parenthood.

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Client Love

Amy helped me feel much more optimistic and hopeful and I believe had a hand in making pregnancy become a reality for me.I feel incredibly lucky to have found Amy to support me with both my cycle management and, the emotional struggles I was going through trying to get pregnant. She offered me a safe place where I could finally talk and express how I was really feeling about my fertility struggles and her support made me feel less alone and overwhelmed with it all.  I would highly recommend working with Amy she helped me so much.

I truly believe I wouldn’t be where I am now holding my baby without all of Amy's help! I honestly don’t know what I would have done without Amy. I was really struggling to cope with the fact we were having problems trying to conceive. Amy was so good at pinpointing the things that were blockages and working with me to clear these. The biggest thing for me was being able to open up to Amy about all my fears and concerns, making time for me and understanding my cycle more as I thought I really knew my body. Amy is the queen of calm and I would recommend anyone to visit when trying to conceive.  I’ll never be able to thank you enough!

Miracles really do happen, I know this as I write this holding my baby ūüíę

Amy had a way of gently and discretely preparing my mind and body into believing that it is worthy of all the things I thought it wasn’t. She gave me hope when I had none and I will never be able to thank her enough. 

I have made a true friend in Amy and would 100% recommend anyone to book a session with her - you will not leave disappointed! 


The Greatest Gift

I am going to say it again as I want you to hear this, the only thing the baby that's waiting wants is you. The whole you. The calm, happy, deeply nourished, nurtured you who trusts herself. 

If you are ready to create space for you, to let go of all the shoulds and instead soften and surrender and allow the unfolding to happen. I am here to hold, support and guide you. 

I have designed this experience to support you to nourish and nurture your mind, body and heart, to release energetic, mental or emotional blocks, to return to yourself, to be in your power, pleasure and potency. 

We are not meant to walk this path alone, you are invited to come into the fold, to journey with other women who are stepping into Motherhood.

This is Motherhood By Design