The Mind Body Baby Method

Disconnection is the biggest block I see in women struggling to conceive.


What if struggling to conceive has nothing to do with your body's ability to have a baby?
What if Infertility doesn't mean what you've been told to believe it does?
What if the baby's that waiting for you has a "gift" for you first?


Our pioneering approach at the Mind Body Baby Method has welcomed 202 babies in the MBB Family, meaning that 85% of my clients bring home their babies, after years of struggle.

When you are ready to welcome your baby and for whatever reason it's just not happening, it can very quickly become a never ending rollercoaster of emotions. The excitement and ease that you felt in the beginning, is starting to feel like a distant memory. Now fear and the constant "what if's" take up all of your thoughts and energy.

And it feels harder and harder to stay positive as those around you share their happy news, while you continue to wait. Consistently picking yourself up when your period arrives and holding the hope that this next cycle might be your turn.

Being a mother is something you have always known is part of who you are.

You can imagine family life and sometimes your baby feels so close. You can literally feel them but then you can convince yourself it wasn't real or maybe you've stopped allowing yourself to see or feel them as it's too painful.

I believe there is always a path to motherhood. Sometimes our babies come from us and some come to us. Sometimes our path doesn't always look exactly as we imagined and that can create resistance. When we allow our path to unfold and lead us to the baby that is waiting, where we arrive is beautiful.

In this 5 day Mind Body Baby Immersion I will share the an introduction to my signature methodology that has supported 85% of my clients to bring home their babies after years of struggle and heartbreak. This immersion is you invitation to reconnect to your body and the baby that is waiting for you. I will guide you to harness the power and potency of your heart and womb, awakening your Fertile energy. I will show you how to release the stories, the fears and the pain of the past. Allowing you to reclaim all parts of you, the parts that have been scattered, the unspoken parts and the parts that might have felt lost.

My desire for this Immersion is that you feel held, seen and safe to be yourself in this space. Allow me to teach you how to soothe your nervous system, so you can return to your natural Fertile state.

No more trying.

Letting go of struggle and overwhelm to create space for ease and possibility. Choosing to be in the frequency of conception and motherhood, preparing your beautiful body, your baby's first home, so you feel deeply nourished on all levels and ready to welcome your baby with ease.

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